"Better Mindset. Better You. Better Life." - Dr. Nosiri
Interview Training:
Adult Coaching - Ages 18 & Up.
Bronze: 1 session costs $185.
Silver: 4 sessions cost $740.
Gold: 12 sessions cost $2,220.
Platinum: 16 sessions cost $2,960.
Structured to assist clients to overcome interview anxiety, fears, conquer poor interviewing habits & nervousness.

"I was able to demonstrate confidence in myself and my skills. I got the job! Thank you Nosiri Empowerment Center." -
R. Ginger.
Master interview questions,create dynamic presentations, & change boring interview styles to brilliant interview skills.

"Nosiri identified the issues and gave us great consulting. She understood the needs of our children and developed a detailed strategy for improvement." -
P. M.
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The New Client Assessment (cost $53.00) is required before session enrollment.

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